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Imagine that a customer comes into your store and you have a record of all the wines they’ve tried, and exactly what they thought about each one.

From the wines they’ve bought at your store, to the bottle they had at a restaurant on the weekend, to the wines they drank during their trip to Tuscany last year.

Imagine knowing exactly what your customer thought of each wine, from their sensory impressions to an overall rating.

Imagine, as a retailer, being able to make a recommendation that you know your customer will love… in real time. That’s the power of Vino AI.

Increased Revenue

Vino AI’s personalized wine recommendations are based off the available inventory of a user’s default wine shop. This guarantees that your store will make a sale and that your customer will get a wine they enjoy.

Personalized Wine Club

Vino AI’s Wine Club breaks through the limitations of traditional wine clubs, which are typically based off someone else’s personal wine preferences, not necessarily the customer’s. It will be managed through an advanced, highly personalized CRM system.

More Foot Traffic

When a new user registers with Vino AI, the app prompts them to choose their “default” wine retailer location.As their default shop, they will continue buying from your store instead of shopping around at other locations.

Consumer Data

We provide you with customer analytics that will help your microtarget and upsell your stock to the right people. Everytime your customer rates a wine in the system, we get a better understanding of the “fingerprint” on that wine—the demographic that likes it the best, where they’re drinking it,and why they enjoy it.

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