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Wine can be overwhelming. That’s why Vino AI wine ratings & recommendations are personalized for you—by your own tasting impressions and ratings.


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Personalized Ratings

When you’re choosing a wine, how do you decide? Have you ever bought a wine because you liked the label? Or because of a crowd sourced rating, or a critic’s score? Do you ask the staff for a recommendation, even though they may enjoy very different wines? Our personalized ratings can predict if you’ll enjoy a wine with far more accuracy than any of that.

Personalized Recommendations

Don’t want to spend time looking up Personalized Ratings one by one? Shop at one of our partner retail stores, tell us what your budget is and what colour you are looking for and we will analyze every wine in the store and give you the top 3 best choices for you. Looking for a specific grape variety or wine region? No problem, we make that easy for you too.

Wine Club

The Vino AI Wine Club is a little bit more adventurous than our regular recommendations. This monthly service lets you choose how many bottles of each colour you want, and then have your wine either delivered or ready for pickup, depending on the options available at your local wine shop. As always, we curate the selection just for you. Pricing is transparent, you only pay the retail price.

Guided Tastings
Don’t know anything about the wine you are about to drink? Don’t worry, just search for it in Wine Tasting and we’ll guide you the rest of the way. Have a sniff, take a couple sips, and rate the flavours and characteristics on a scale of 0-10. Don’t worry if you can’t sense them all, the best thing is to not overthink it! Give us your overall rating and we’ll do the rest.
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