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Imagine knowing exactly what your customers think of your wine, whether they’re inside your tasting room or enjoying a bottle at home.

Say you’ve just had a busy day in the tasting room, with hundreds of patrons coming in to taste your wines. Your staff has done a great job explaining the wines and you have many new fans. You’ve connected with new customers and maybe even collected a few email addresses for your mailing list.

But what happens outside of your tasting room? Who is drinking your wine? Where are they? And most importantly, what do they think about your wine?

Our in-app tasting experience is based on neuroscience—helping users better enjoy the wine they’re drinking. With our customized tasting platform, users rate your wines higher, while you get to know more about your customers via user data. That’s the power of Vino AI.

Customized Tastings

Within the app, we have developed over 80k “typical” flavour profiles of places and grapes worldwide. If your wine is unique in taste, we can customize the tasting experience for your individual wines—making a more memorable experience for your customers.

Higher Ratings

Research shows that the average user is 64% more likely to be able to identify the flavour profile of a wine when prompted. Wines rated in our tasting experience are rated on average 3.4 points ( 6.8%) higher. This means that your customers will connect with your wine significantly better when they use our app.


Analysis Services

The Vino AI recommendation engine is able to predict which wines a user will like most. The more we know about your wine, the better we can make predictions and the more often the algorithm will recommend it.

The Vino AI chemical analysis includes over 20 chemical signatures, including:SO2,CO2, sugars, acids, and pH.

The Vino AI molecular analysis can identify and quantify molecular compounds responsible for relevant aroma compounds.

Consumer Data

We provide you with customer analytics that will help your microtarget and upsell your stock to the right people. Everytime your customer rates a wine in the system, we get a better understanding of the “fingerprint” on that wine—the demographic that likes it the best, where they’re drinking itand why they enjoy it.



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